About Torstein Rottingen

Torstein Røttingen holding up a monkfish on a fishing boat.

Torstein Røttingen is a professional fisherman with over 9 years of experience fishing commercially and has been fishing for as long as he can remember.

He also has a lifetime of experience with cooking seafood and is the author of the cookbook Monkfish Magic – 32 Recipes From Around the World.

His articles on TortheFisherman.com and videos on YouTube have helped tens of thousands of people learn to clean, fillet, and cook their seafood properly.

My Work Story

As I come from a family of fishermen, I started “working” very early fishing for eels for export to Denmark as a preteen. At the time I was what was called a “youth fisherman” here in Norway.

And while I didn’t own my own boat, I borrowed my grandfather’s 40+ year old motorboat, and my father’s extra nets to go out and catch eel.

As I grew older, I started fishing more with my father as crew on his boat as he left his job in the oil business when he turned 40 to follow his passion and become a professional fisherman. This is when I learned about monkfish, pollock, and way too much about how much a boy can throw up when he is not used to ocean waves!

Professional Fisherman

When I was 18 and had graduated High School I was finally able to register as a real professional fisherman, and was lucky to be able to try out a variety of large fisheries including being contracted by a salmon farming company here in Norway to catch living wrasse for them for use to keep their salmon healthy.

Trying Out Other Professions

I started studying again after a few years and was fishing professionally on the side, mostly as a seasonal fisherman during the best fisheries. In Norway, these include; Mackerel, cod, wrasse, lobster (not anymore), and to a lesser extent monkfish.

After graduating, there was an economic downturn here in Norway. So I worked a bunch of “interesting” jobs, including tech support, translation for English and Norwegian, and even as a gardener’s assistant for a while.

Professional Fisherman and Travel Bum

This was around the time I realized I didn’t like working for other people, started fishing professionally again, and traveling a lot. This was around 2016.

Since then I have been doing three things in my life: Travel, fish, and I also started doing content creation.

Content Creator

How to Dry Clothes FAST (Quick Method That Actually Works)

In 2019, I started posting videos regularly to my YouTube channel named Organizing TV, and in 2021 I also started posting articles on my website Organizing.TV. This channel and website combo started as me teaching people travel and packing hacks, and slowly morphed into me teaching people how to fold, organize, and clean their clothes.

At this point, I have over four years’ worth of content creation experience, and over nine years of experience as a professional fisherman, so in essence I have just now put two and two together and started Tor the Fisherman to share my love for fishing in the best way I know how!

Life of a Commercial Monkfish Fisherman (Winter in Norway)
Here is a video of a day me and my father went out fishing for monkfish only a few hours away from where I live.

Here is my Google Business Profile if you want to learn a little more about my business.

Also, feel free to get in contact if you have any questions, or simply check out the blog roll of articles I’ve written here so far to start reading!

My Personal Story

I live on a little paradise island outside the city of Bergen in Norway. Around here, I am pretty sure I’m known as the overly-neat, nerdy guy who fishes and is never home.

From the outside, my life probably looks really exciting, being a YouTuber/blogger, always visiting new countries, or being out on the water fishing.

But in reality, I spend most of my time working on the computer to create content for you guys, fishing with frozen fingers, or going for walks in the forest near my little home. 

I am currently single and living by myself, which I enjoy a lot since I love to travel and enjoy spending time alone. I do wish I had a cat though… They are my favorite.

Cat-sitting my parents’ cat Diva. It looks like she is cat-sitting my laptop too.

When I’m not busy filming, writing, fishing, or walking in the forest, I usually obsess over where to visit next and how to organize my little backpack as effectively as possible.

I am also a big fan of YouTube and could easily binge-watch videos all day if I had the time. I also love reading books and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Usually, I try to read or listen to something useful like self-improvement, business, or organizing-related. My guilty pleasure is high fantasy books. 

Besides living on this little island to spend time with my parents, siblings, and grandparents, I also lived in the Norwegian cities Bergen and Trondheim when I was a student back in 2012-2015.

So that’s me.


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