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The Writer

All content published on TorTheFisherman.com is written and edited by Torstein Rottingen.

The content is written and edited by Torstein Rottingen who has over nine years of experience as a professional fisherman. To supplement the author’s experience and knowledge, trusted sources such as government websites, studies, and direct knowledge from other fishermen are frequently used and quoted.

The articles go through multiple stages of quality checks before they are published.


All the factual statements in the articles are checked against multiple credible sources to make sure everything is up to standard.

Grammarly is used for spellchecking all articles before they are published on the website.

Readers are encouraged to contact Tor The Fisherman if there are facts in the articles you believe to be false. I am always happy to be challenged to create the best possible resource for our readers.

While I try to stay objective as much as possible, if there are subjective statements and information in the articles they are, of course, my own.


Per Tor The Fisherman guidelines, every image used in the articles is one of the three options below:

  • An original photo taken by Torstein Rottingen for the purpose of being used in the article.
  • Is sourced from my YouTube channel Tor The Fisherman which is my other primary source of content output along with this website.
  • In case nothing else is available at the time, photos will be sourced from a third-party stock photo provider. I currently only Canva.com, which I have licensing agreements with for use on TortheFisherman.com.

All images on the website are strictly quality-checked to ensure they are as relevant as possible. Please note that the original images are all taken by Torstein Røttingen using a simple camera, i.e iPhone, Canon M50, or a DJI Osmo Action 4, not a professional photographer.

Editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Davinci Resolve are frequently used to enhance the quality and descriptiveness of photos.


All videos embedded in articles on TorTheFisherman.com are meant as either the primary information source on the page or as supplemental to enhance the articles.

A large majority of the embedded videos are currently hosted by YouTube on the Tor the Fisherman channel.

All videos hosted by the channel Tor The Fisherman on YouTube are created and owned by Torstein Røttingen.

The videos have been quality-checked upon creation and are rewatched before embedding to make sure they are suitable for the article.

You can learn more about TorTheFisherman.com here.


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